Public Plugins:

Do you enjoy the WordPress plugins created by Wanderer, LLC but wish there were some other features?  It’s pretty easy and cost-effective to do this!  Just become a sponsor of a feature.

How does sponsorship work?  Simple.  You just contact Wanderer LLC with the specifics of your desired feature.  Now, not all features are accepted.  If your feature is too esoteric, one that no other user is likely to enjoy, then it cannot be accepted because we want to keep the plugin usable and clutter-free by the majority of people.  But, this is certainly the exception.

So, how much does sponsorship cost?  Well, a basic feature is $150.  More advanced features will naturally be higher.  It is possible and completely legit to go in with another sponsor and share the costs.  Good and reliable programming is expensive but sponsorship is a great way to get the feature that you want at a reasonable price.  Prices are low because Wanderer LLC retains ownership of the code; sponsors are simply ensuring that their desired features are moved to the very front of the line.  We’ll also provide a link to your site in the “Acknowledgments” section of the plugin thanking you for your sponsorship.

Payment Terms:  1/2 down of your quote gets the project started.  The remainder of the balance is due upon completion, usually when final functionality is delivered to you.  In between, we’ll deliver various drops to you to evaluate and provide feedback and direction on.  Of course, once the final functionality is delivered to you, you’ll likely be testing it out and asking questions.  You might even find a bug or two.  Of course, these will be included.

We hope to add a “bidding” feature to this website to pool together as many potential sponsors at once so that folks on every kind of budget can contribute to a feature.

Custom Plugins

Would you prefer to own the code?  This would be hiring Wanderer LLC to write a custom plugin for you.  This is naturally more expensive.  You will own the code 100%and are free to do with it what you will.  If this is for you, please contact Wanderer LLC for a custom quote.