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Developers:  List Yo’ Files is on Github

Feel free to fork the repo and make your own changes!


List Yo’ Files for WordPress allows users to easily display lists of files in their pages and posts.  Supply the folder and various options and you can generate a list of files with hyperlinks to each file making it downloadable.  Extensive options let you sort and filter files.  You can include file size, date, and even an icon as part of the file list.  You can even display lists of MP3s in popular audio players.  The plugin admin pages also allow you to conveniently upload and delete files.  This is a easy way for organizations, groups, and clubs to share files with members.  For example, Home Owner Associations have used this plugin to list their minutes.  Music websites use this plugin to allow their users to show off their music.


Watch the following video for a visual overview of the 1.0 version of List Yo’ Files.  Read on for further details.

To use, add the List Yo’ Files shortcode (“listyofiles”) enclosed in brackets to the text of your page or post and specify the folder name with the “folder” directive.  For example:

listyofiles folder="wp-content/gallery/my-new-gallery"

Note: Be sure to enclose the above example in [brackets]! Also, do not include opening or closing slashes.

The plugin will then generate a list of files with a link to each so that every file is downloadable.  You can also specify file filters (what types of files to display), sort options, and display options (icons, filesize, date, and more).  You can even use special display options to show lists of files within popular music players for WordPress like WPAudio and AudioPlayer.

List Yo’ Files Options:

  • sort – include one of the following: “alphabetic”, “reverse_alphabetic”, “filesize”, “reverse_filesize”, “date”, or “reverse_date”. The default is “alphabetic” and is used if “sort” isn’t specified. Example usage: folder=”wp-content/gallery/my-new-gallery” sort=”reverse_filesize”
  • filter – include a list of extensions (no period) separated by commas to only display
    matching files. For example, folder=”wp-content/gallery/my-new-gallery” filter = “mp3,wav,aif” will only display audio files in your file list. Not including this option will list all files in the specified folder.
  • options- A list of comma-separated options to further customize your file list. Supported options:
    • table – Renders your file list as a table (no border, though your CSS may override this).
    • filesize – Includes the file size in the list.
    • date – Includes the file modified date in the list.
    • new_window – Will open links in a new window.
    • hide_extension – Hides file extensions.
    • icon – Works only with the table option. This option displays a file icon to the left of the filename. If you want to support additional file types, you can upload a 16×16 png file for the file type that you’d like to support. The name of the file needs to match the extension that you want to display. All letters should be lowercase. For example, if you want to provide an icon for mp3 files, you would need to upload a file called “mp3.png” to the plugin’s “icons” folder.
    • wpaudioRequires the WPAudio plugin. This option transforms the filename from a download link into an mp3 player. Note: Use a filter to restrict files to mp3s.
    • wpaudiodownloadableRequires the WPAudio plugin. This option only works if wpaudio is also specified. It adds a download link for the song. You can also use the “download” option as well for the same result.
    • audioplayerRequires the Audio Player plugin. This option transforms the filename from a download link into the WPAudio mp3 player. If you specify table, then each song will display in an individual player. Otherwise, the songs will appear as a group in a single player. Note: Use a filter to restrict files to mp3s.

About User Folders:

List Yo’ Files 1.0 introduced the concept of “user folders”. If you have a site where users regularly log on and post material, you can use List Yo’ Files to allow them to upload files and display them as lists. This feature is enabled when you check the “Enable user folders” checkbox in the Administer admin menu.

When enabled, non-admin users, who meet the minimum user level requirements specified by the admin (see the “Administration” panel screen shot below), will only see the “Usage”, “Upload”, and “Delete” menu items under the main “List Yo’ Files” menu. These pages are simplified for non-admins, requiring no typing other than naming subfolders. Users are only allowed to upload files to subfolders under their user folder which is automatically created for them (underneath a special folder in ‘wp-content’). They are also allowed basic file and folder management; they can create folders, upload files, delete files, and delete folders – again, only within their personal user folder.

As admin, you have control over the following:

  • Restricting the quantity of subfolders that the user can create.
  • Enforcing a global size quota (in megabytes) per user.
  • Selecting the minimum WordPress role that has access to the List Yo’ Files software.
  • Showing simplified help, which is intended to not overwhelm users with too many options.

Non-admin users also have simplified shortcode options which allows them to easily display their files:

  • To display a list of playable mp3s, add the special showmp3s code to the page or post where you want to display the files. For example: showmp3s folder=’mruser/mymp3s’. Requires the WPAudio plugin
  • To simplify showing files, use the showfiles code to the page or post where you want to display the files. For example: showfiles folder=’mruser/somepdfs’.

Public Upload Form:

To allow your users to upload files, please use the shortcode:

listyofiles_uploadform options=''

Options supported:

  • show_size_warnings – shows the user how many files and the size restrictions.

Admin Panels:

(above) The List Yo’ Files Administer page showing User Folders enabled.

(above) The admin “List Yo’ Files” upload page.  This page allows you to upload files to the folder of your choosing.  We recommend uploading files to the “wp-content” folder.
(above) The admin List Yo’ Files Delete page.  You can use this panel as a rough substitute for FTP.  If you upload the wrong file, or just want to clean some out, you can come here to do it.  It’s certainly not as powerful as FTP, but it’ll get the job done!  As always, be careful when deleting files.

Non-admin Panels:

(above) Here’s the Upload page for non-admin users.  They are only allowed to create subfolders and then upload files to one of those sub-folders by selecting it from the combo box.  They have no access to other folders.

(above) The Delete page for non-admin users.  Non-admin users are only allowed access to their own sub folders.  They are allowed to delete individual files as well as complete folders.


View the online FAQ here.


Do you want to help direct the development of List Yo’ Files or is there a feature that you need ASAP?  If so, consider sponsorship.

Request a Feature or Get Help:

New requested features and bug fixes:

  • Add the ability to hide the extension.
  • Add a “recursive” option so that lists can render file lists recursively through sub-folders.
  • Expand filters to include the names of files, like “a*.*,A*.*” (all files that start with an “a” or “A”)
  • Add the ability to create common folders accessible by non-admin users.
  • Add the notion of a default folder so that folks don’t need to type in a folder every time.
  • Expand the number of user folders by using custom fields to save those folder locations.
  • Support this: listyofiles folder=”wp-content/users/%username%”
  • Provide admin widgets that show folder contents.
  • Align file size (and date, etc) to the right when using “table” view mode.  Even better: apply a dummy class tag to each table column, so that I can specify my own css rules in my theme!
  • Checkbox option to shade alternative rows of a table different colors for better contrast.
  • Integrate the date with the language settings of WordPress.
  • Add a simple header to table-based lists.
  • Add a javascript file explorer.
  • Add a basic folder browser for folders on the system to upload to.
  • Place checkboxes next to files in the Delete admin page.  Let users select files to delete.
  • Add more filters to filter to max size, date periods.
  • Add the URL of files uploaded to the email notification.
  • Figure out a way to add a description for files.
  • Leverage ID3 tags for additional data.
  • Force automatic downloads.
  • Render file lists in a sidebar widget.
  • Render a list of files into a combo (select) box.  Users can download the selected file by pressing a “Download” button.
  • Let admins rename the base user folder.
  • Let users rename files.
  • Support UTF8 filenames.
  • Support pagination for folders with lots of files.
  • Allow front end uploads for logged in users.
  • Support AutoIndex (SourceForge) to count downloads.
  • Add option to add a date to filenames.
  • Investigate a file search feature.
  • Improve the documentation.  For example, “listyofiles_uploadform” isn’t explained.
  • Add simple icons next to file names.
  • Add file sorting based on alphabet, file size, date, and so on.
  • Upload function becomes available for editors on their dashboard.
  • Option to open link in new window
  • Several file-lists on same page causes a non-valid html code, id=’filelist’ should be modified to something dynamic (eg. folder name).
  • Integrate List Yo’ Files with file protection offered by s2Member.
  • Reduce plugin conflicts.

Before you ask for help, be sure to take a look at the FAQ above.  If your question is not answered there, feel free to send an email:

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88 thoughts on “List Yo’ Files

  1. would the Links appear on google. E.g. if i listed mp3 files, would people be able to find the links is they search for the name of the song.

  2. I don´t have any filters specified, I´ve tried uploading jpg, png, anything. My shortcode is just this:
    [listyofiles folder="wp-content/games/aventuras" options="table, filesize, icon, hide_extension"]
    I haven´t changed the permissions for the folders or anything.
    Do you have any other ideas?

  3. I don´t have any filters specified, I´ve tried uploading jpg, png, anything. My shortcode is just this:
    [listyofiles folder="wp-content/games/aventuras" options="table, filesize, icon, hide_extension"]
    I haven´t changed the permissions for the folders or anything. I even uploaded some files by FTP to a new folder, created a new page to show them and nothing.
    Do you have any other ideas?

  4. Much of this depends on Google’s search implementation, but: yes. The links to the files are part of the web page that is served up.

  5. Your shortcode looks fine. I’m not sure what could be going on here. Try this (even though this should not make any difference): delete the spaces between your options. Also, try removing the quotes from your options. Just experiment with different formats. If you need additional help, use the contact form above.

  6. Well, this is clearly a case of leaping before you look.

    I cursively watched the video – (my bad) and then downloaded the plugin. Without even much thought, I just clicked on the donate button and made a donation.

    Then I got serious about it and began to set up the plugin. (Oh man this is going to be so great – eagerly rubs hands together. I am going to set this up and people are going to send me files which will be sorted by name, title and date – just as you would expect a file uploader to be.)

    What’s this?!? What do you mean my user will have to specify a directory each time?!? Seriously?!?!

    Literally, I thought LYF was a plugin where I setup the paraemeters of what I will accept for an upload, the directory where I want the files to go to and how they are displayed once they have been uploaded by someone else on the planet.

    Imagine my surprise when I found out that I am the one who has to do all the arranging.

    Can’t fault you as it is there plain as day in the video. All of the work that has to be done is on the Admin side. Definitely NOT what I was expecting or was led to believe it would be.

  7. Hi, i have set up the administration with the “Enable user folders” when i try to show the list of file uploaded in the page with the shortcode, i receive always this message: No files found.

    i use this code, because in my pc the file are in that position
    [showfiles folder="list_yo_files_user_folders/a/a" options="table,date,filesize,icon"]

    i have try with the full path and nothing is show only no files found.

    what i can do?
    first a is user name, second a is the subfolder

  8. I just upgraded to WordPress 3.3 and I have a problem using the upload function in the plugin.

    I tried to upload files using the upload function and i get a message saying that file type is not allowed. When I upload using the Media function it works fine.

    I have tried doc docx pdf mp3.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you for your work on this plugin.


  9. I am trying to utilize listyofiles. Does it allow options other than those listed on the usage page? I am trying to add a list of mp3′s to a page that will show the Title, Artist, etc. But when I type that as an option it doesnt appear? What can I do to fix that?


  10. Be able to add a Download link icon or text next to the file icon. so if a client wanted to download the file after viewing.

  11. Hi I posted the same question on the WP website so pardon the repeat. This seems like a great intuitive plug-in except my client wants to have a title and description next to each audio file. I don’t suppose this can do that yet can it?

  12. Hello,

    I like your plugin, but I can’t display my files because they are in a different directory than the wordpress files. My wordpress files are in the directory www/wordpress, my files are in the directory www/myfiles.
    How can I display these files? What is the path that I have to write in the folder option.


  13. This is currently a restriction: Your files list must be located in a folder somewhere under your WordPress installation.

  14. Don’t Work For Me!

    [listyofiles folder='wp-content/doc/2011' sort='date' options='table,filesize,icon,date,new_window,hide_extension']

    In Admin Area I Can List Files If I Go To “delete” Section And Input The Folder Manually…

    Permission Folders Are 777 I’ve Uploaded All The Files Via http://FTP...
    I’m Using WordPress 3.3.2… Maybe There Are Some Conflicts With Plugins?

  15. @medsine & @admin

    I currently list files outside of my wordpress installation directory. You need to add the “../” in front of the location so the plugin looks outside the wordpress folder. For instance:

    file locations:
    use this url with plugin: [listyofiles folder="../yourfiles"]

    I’ve used this on multiple sites. The “../” is tells the plugin to look “up” in the website directory. Hope that helps.

  16. The issue was due to Deeplink Juggernaut. I had did Deeplink Juggernaut with some words which were included in the list yo files links which created problems. after removing those, it resolved problem.

  17. Am I right in thinking that, at the moment, the only filters are for filetype? In my case I have a fairly large list of files (a couple of thousand) which I’d quite like to present to the users via a series of alphabetic pages e.g. “filenames starting A-E”, “F-J” etc

    I see I could get this by loading the files into directories based on that structure, but that makes it harder to change the groupings as the list of files grows. Is there any way of putting all my files in ONE directory and then adding a filter which would let me display based on filename eg something like “filename=a*, b*, c*……”

  18. You’re right; you can’t do this now, but this is a great idea. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks.

  19. I have a WordPress 3.3.2 Multisite installation and [listyofiles folder="wp-content/files/testkunde" sort="reverse_filesize"] works fine and lists the files of this folder. But clicking on them produces ’404 — File not found.’. Is this a mod-rewrite-problem? Or something else?
    Thank you for your help!

  20. Is there a way to list the downloadable files as a dropdown menu as opposed to a list?

  21. Wondering if you plan on doing any updates – particularly wondering if the automatic connection to mp3 audio player will work with audio players other than WPaudio MP3 Player (since this audio player is getting old). Thanks!

  22. From looking at the list of features above I see that “Upload function becomes available for editors on their dashboard.” has been implemented.

    Before I install this plugin I would like to know if editors can also delete files.

    I would like for editor-level users to be able to go to the WP dashboard to delete files, in addition to uploading them. I already have a directory for the uploaded files in the s2Member secure file directory.

    Can editors delete files (not just the files that they uploaded)?


  23. I looked at your github link and found that it said that editors can delete files, so I tried installing the plugin and it works for the editor role.


  24. i want those files whatever i am uploading should go automatically to the people by their email ID’s.

    How to do that?

  25. I’m unable to delete and upload a file with the same file name. Is there anyway to replace a file with the same name? When I delete my old file and reupload my new file, my new file is still showing the old file contents.

  26. I’ve recently upgraded WP to 3.6.1 and when I activate listyofiles the folllowing notices are shown at the top of every page.
    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFShowAdminFiles – assumed ‘LYFShowAdminFiles’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 43

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFShowUserFiles – assumed ‘LYFShowUserFiles’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 44

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFShowMP3Files – assumed ‘LYFShowMP3Files’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 45

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFUploadForm – assumed ‘LYFUploadForm’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 46

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFAddSettingsPage – assumed ‘LYFAddSettingsPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 48

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFHandleAboutPage – assumed ‘LYFHandleAboutPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 525

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFHandleAboutPage – assumed ‘LYFHandleAboutPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 526

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFHandleUploadFilesPage – assumed ‘LYFHandleUploadFilesPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 527

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFHandleDeleteFilesPage – assumed ‘LYFHandleDeleteFilesPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 528

    Notice: Use of undefined constant LYFHandleAdminPage – assumed ‘LYFHandleAdminPage’ in /home/revjeims/ on line 529

    I’ve looked at the code in 88-files.php and don’t see anything wrong myself.
    Any suggestions?

  27. Hey there, guess there is now way to display folders right? And to navigate… Is there?


  28. hi ,
    how can i add custom fields like , name , title , file description , and these discription should show on listing page ????

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  31. hi and thx for this plugin, I’ve seen in the comments here that it’s possible to use list yo files to list files outside wp, but can anyone suggest an option to list files on another server?
    I mean my wp is hosted on server A and files on server B, how can I list files of serverB in my wp installed on server A?

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