Plugins Options

AutoChimp supports other WordPress plugins:  Wishlist MemberBuddyPress, Viper’s Video Tags and others.  With version 2.1, developers can create their own plugins for AutoChimp to rapidly allow the expansion of supported plugins for AutoChimp.  If you have any supported third-party plugin installed and active on your system, you can choose to allow AutoChimp to integrate with it.

Plugins like BuddyPress and Cimy Extra User Fields let you define extra user fields that you can instruct AutoChimp to synchronize with your MailChimp data.

AutoChimp can use Events Manager to all you to create campaigns from your events.

AutoChimp can use the popular Viper’s Video Tags to convert WordPress video tags into MailChimp video tags so you can easily add video support to your email campaigns.

Other plugins like Register Plus and Register Plus Redux can be patched to allow you to easily sync your user data with MailChimp.  Note:  though these plugins are still supported by AutoChimp, they are no longer available on