NOTE (7/9/13):  If you’re running into problems with AutoChimp 2.10 or 2.11, then be sure to upgrade to 2.12 which fixes the errors associated with these two earlier versions.

AutoChimp 2.10 and higher requires PHP 5.3 or higher and many hosting sites are still on PHP 5.2 even though the company behind PHP recommends upgrading.  If you do not wish to upgrade your version of PHP, you can stick to AutoChimp 2.02 which you can find here.  Look under “Other versions” and you will see it.  You can then upload the .zip file to you server and install it all within the WordPress plugin UI.

AutoChimp allows you to automatically add, remove, and update users to your MailChimp mailing list as users subscribe and unsubscribe to your site.  You can also create campaigns automatically from blog posts.

AutoChimp uses a set of tabbed options page to help you to manage your preferred settings.  In order to use AutoChimp, you must already have an account with MailChimp and at least one mailing list.

To use, just download and activate the plugin, then go straight to the API Key page and enter your API key.  Once you do that, you’ll have access to all the admin options.

With version 2.1, developers can quickly add support for other third-party WordPress plugins with much less effort than before.  Read more about this here (note: best for developers and other technical folks!).

The AutoChimp admin pages:

This is the documentation for AutoChimp 2.1 (June 2013) and up.  Documentation for older versions are similar, but not exact.  For more on the admin pages, visit the following links:

  • API Key PageBe sure to visit this page first and enter your API key, which you receive when you sign up for an AutoChimp account.  You only need to enter your key once.
  • Mailing List Page – After you enter your API key, you’ll be able to see all of your mailing lists and will be able to set options.
  • Campaigns page – Also, after you enter your API key, you’ll be able to set MailChimp campaign options.
  • Plugins page – Visit this page to integrate AutoChimp with other WordPress plugins.


Sorry folks, it seems that the site, where AutoChimp’s FAQ was, has just up and vanished.  I’ll try to recreate a list here by the middle of June 2013.


Do you want to help direct the development of AutoChimp or is there a feature that you need ASAP?  If so, consider sponsorship.

Sponsors of AutoChimp 2.0:

GrasshopperHerder Lean Startups, User Experience, and Customer Development
Web Tonic Want better search engine rankings? Get your WordPress website ranked higher on the search engines.
Latinos a Morir A private community of educated and passionate professionals who love the Latin American culture.
Allen Hancock Sponsor of the Phatwater Kayak Challenge 42 miles on the Mighty Mississippi
MailChimp Easy email newsletters
…and several other anonymous donors

Thank you all so much!  Without your support, AutoChimp 2.0 would not have been possible!

For other sponsors, contributors, bug finders, etc., check out the Acknowledgement section of the plugin.Requested features:
  • Attach Firstname and Lastname to the subscription does not work with the “Register Plus” plugin. Fixed in 1.00.
  • Sync existing users with mailing list.
  • Improve the “sync” feature. Available in 2.0.
  • Add support for Cimy. Available in 2.0.
  • Add support for UserMeta, Custom Fields by Tribulant,
  • Add support for WP-Members. Available in 2.1
  • Add support for Wishlist Member. Available in 2.1
  • Select multiple categories for creating campaigns (checkboxes instead of select box). Available in 2.0.
  • Add an option for the “More” feature when creating a MailChimp campaign.  Send a summary of a post as a campaign. Available in 2.0.
  • Honor post scheduling when sending posts as a campaign.  Support time warp of sending campaigns. Available in 2.0.
  • Make it easier for developers to add code to AutoChimp.  Available in 2.1
  • Create campaigns from old posts.  Add a “Send to MailChimp” button to posts.
  • Group multiple posts by category or by date into a single campaign.
  • Support multiple mailing lists and interest groups. Available in 2.0.
  • Generate tags for Youtube and Vimeo. (ex: *|YOUTUBE:f77FQN7CHl8|*). Available in 2.0.
  • Leverage Mail Chimp campaign templates and headers. Available in 2.0.
  • Add other content to the email body (title, featured image).
  • Add support for creating campaigns from custom post types.  This way, you can turn off blog posts and create campaigns from special post types. Available in 2.1
  • Allow categories to map to more than one location.  Available in 2.1
  • Real time updating of sync feature, log files too.
  • Analytics, Facebook, Twitter
  • Be able to add a prefix to the email subject like:  ”NEW BLOG POST:”
  • Uninstallation cleanup
  • Add a dynamic way for admins to assign results of user preference to MailChimp mailing lists.
  • Show and preset first and last names so it’s clear that those are automatically mapped.
  • Add an option to add users to a special mailing list when they unsubscribe (or various other events).
  • Add an option that lets users add a checkbox to the signup form which let’s new users instantly opt-out of MailChimp signup.
  • Patch the Force User Field Registration plugin, which currently writes the user meta information after AutoChimp syncs with MailChimp.
  • Similar to the “static text” option, add a “date subscribed” field.
  • Be able to toggle the “Full Story” feature.
  • Automatically create and send email campaign to a list from a new blog post.


Before you ask for help, be sure to take a look at the FAQ above.  If your question is not there, feel free to send an email.  Please note: due to the plugin’s popularity and myself being generally very busy, it’s almost impossible to answer every single email.  I could in the past, but this is very hard now.  Your best bet is to use the forums at WordPress.  Hopefully, the community is large enough that you’ll get a response.  If you really need help from me, please provide as much clarity as possible and an example.  Well, anything that you think will help make your problem to be understood.  Thanks!

If you’re running into the “unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM on line 842″ problem, then see this post on how to fix it.

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189 thoughts on “AutoChimp

  1. Hi

    I can’t activate the plug in, I get the following error message;

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage98/ct/ps/_o/ on line 852

    how do I fix it?

  2. Erna and Andy, you’re most likely seeing that error because this plugin requires PHP 5.3+ to be running on your server.

  3. Well, I have it activated, and it works. But when I use it, Mailchimp only sends the empty template without content.

  4. After publishing an article, I am getting following error: Error Code: 311, Message: from_email – my-domainname.cpom must be verified to send from it.
    Notice the “.cpom” which should be .com. I have checked all of my settings and the domain name is correct in Mailchimp. Do you know where this “p” is coming from?

  5. Is there any way or a plan to allow you to send over the role of a user to MailChimp? Would be great for segmenting emails to certain types of users! :)

  6. For the T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM parsing error, it is likely because your server’s java is not up to date for the latest version of autochimp. Download the older version (2.02 I believe) and manually install it by zipping the folder and adding it manually through the wordpress plugins page. It should install fine. The other solution is, obviously, to update your backend java to the latest version.

  7. correction. I said JAVA, I meant PHP. You need the latest version of PHP on your backend or you can upload an older version of auto chimp.

  8. The update has broken my emails with no content being added to the email from WP post. Thanks for that :(

  9. +1 for syncing roles. Use case: need a good way to segment those who are paying members (who have a special role assigned to them) and those who are free preview members. Thanks for your work on developing this plugin!

  10. when a new user is added, i cant see the new user on the autochimp list. should i always sync the users manually everytime the new user is added?

  11. I am integrating Autochimp in with Events Manager Pro. A new POST gets pushed through and creates a new mailchimp campaign perfectly, however a new event does not.

    I have tried different event options – a date of today (event already in progress), with excerpt, without excerpt, nothing works.

    Anyone else using this with Events Manager Pro ?

  12. Thanks for this awesome plugin! I’m having trouble “syncing existing users.” When I clicked the button to do this, they each failed to sync with an Error 250. Any idea what this error is and how to remedy it? Thanks so much!

  13. Whenever I click on “Add new post category mapping”, nothing happens. I know I have all of the settings entered correctly because I am able to sync the mailing list, but the link for “Add new post category mapping” does absolutely nothing.

  14. When a user subscribes to my site autochimp will not sync with my mailing list. It is producing this error message:

    “Error Code: 250, Message: ROLE must be provided – Please enter a value”

    I do not need to define a user role for my mailing list. anyone know how I can a resolve?

  15. I just installed this plugin. The sync works great. I need to add some custom usermeta fields I have added to the wp_usermeta table. I don’t want to use a plugin like Cimy to add these fields.

    Is there a way to sync my custom wp_usermeta fields with my mailchimp list?

  16. I keep getting this error : from_email – * must be verified to send from it (error code: 311)

    Any idea how to overcome it?


  17. Yet another +1 for including User Roles !
    Either the option to synchronise only users of a certain role, or to be able to assign the User Role to a mailchimp field.

  18. So I have a general question. Everything installed great. I’m trying to import all of my “existing users” The bar shows like it is going to work and then stops. What am I miss you think?

  19. I tried autochimp plugin and noticed that “Sync Existing Users” is not working properly. When I submit the button, only 3contacts are getting sync. I checked on the console to watch the enormous number of ajax post and not sure if its something to do with my host or browser that is preventing to complete the request. Have you tried this option with a 2000 existing users?


  20. Love ur AutoChimp, but I can’t find any documents of mapping CIMY with Mailchimp extra fields.

    Can u please advice?

    Many thanks

  21. Can you please tell me if anyone has added WooCommerce fields (like Billing Address) to Mailchimp using AutoChimp? I cant work out how to create a new autochimp sub-plugin to achieve it. WooCommerce is such a popular plugin I would have thought this would have been done before?? Thanks

  22. I’m running a development WordPress 4.0.1 website running on a Shared Linux hosting from 1and1. I used mailchimp plugin on that dev. I copied over the website and database, changed everything as needed on to the production 1and1 site and getting this error on homepage.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /homepages/15/d378######/htdocs/wwwDomainCom/wp-content/plugins/autochimp/autochimp.php on line 852

    Please advice.

  23. Hi, I’m facilitated with your plugin. but facing a problem. It sends email as soon as I update an old. How do I set it so that it sends one post, only once in lifetime? (The first time it gets published?)

  24. I’ve attempted to manually sync my users several times, now, letting it go as long as two hours, to no avail. It never reaches a stopping point or produces a report. Is this function working? Is this plug-in still supported?

  25. It seems like this plugin hasn’t had attention for a long time from the developer. Many things are not working properly in WP4. I had to adjust just code to make it work.

    Too bad because it was a really nice plugin. Kinda sucks for everyone who donated.

  26. Excellent beat ! I would like to apprentice whilst you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog site? The account aided me a applicable deal. I were a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vibrant clear concept|

  27. It does work. It took a bit of tinkering – without recoding anything. But I got it to post to my list. I LOVE how it can post to multiple lists as well as groups within lists.

    My stumbles were as follows.

    You MUST use the “code your own template” in order to make the change – Mailchimp has changed quite a bit so the help provided is not so up to date. This is the ONLY way to access the actual code – okay the easiest way… I guess you could export the html out then back in but I didn’t do that.

    You must add “MAIN” to replace the main content tag. there are instructions on this site somewhere…

    If you are getting that error message ” must be verified to send from it”, you need to verify the domain in mailchimp via an email address WITH the domain –

    I hope this helps somebody…

  28. Had similar difficulties installing — AutoChimp 2.10 – 2.15 doesn’t seem to fetch categories correctly (if at all) for mapping and won’t send campaigns as a result. If the “Add new post category mapping” link isn’t working for you, the steps we followed to fix it were:

    1. Completely remove AutoChimp and all of its settings in the wp_options database (they will all be prefaced with wp88_mc_).
    2. Download AutoChimp 2.01 from, install, and activate it.
    3. Go into the AutoChimp settings and add your API key, change the settings to your preferred choices, and set a (already constructed in MailChimp) template for each listed category under the Campaigns tab.
    4. Go to your plugins list and use the automatic upgrade link for AutoChimp to get it to upgrade to v2.15.
    5. Return to your AutoChimp settings and make sure all is as you would like it under the Campaigns tab. You should now be able to access all your categories there.

  29. We allow open registration, but we verify the registrant before they are allowed on out site. So the user is not “approved” yet.

    Is there a way to not add a user until they have been approved in WP based on role or something else?


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