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I’m excited that Snatcher and Son has received the 5th (and last) position in the PPD program (pay per download) at This basically ensures that Snatcher and Son will be placed in the fifth position of the first page for Windows Internet Download Managers.  This should dramatically increase the number of downloads and hence sales.  We’ll see.  Almost all of the proceeds from the sales will go to further the popularity of the app so that new features can be added to future releases.

The PPD program is analogous to Google AdWords, but there are more parameters involved in determining who wins a bid.  I didn’t realize, but the number of downloads that you currently have plays a big role.  The more downloads, the better – which makes for an interesting Catch-22.  You have someone like me with a brand new product who wants to use the PPD program to increase the number of downloads, yet you cannot join the PPD program because you don’t have enough downloads.

It seems that Snatcher and Son got lucky.  Read the email thread to learn more.

The promotion runs the entire month of December.  As of now, Snatcher has a pitiful 126 downloads on  I’m hoping this number will at least increase 100 times.  I’ll report back at the end of the month.

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